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How to greet friends and strangers in Ukrainian correctly and not to sound rude =)

The most common formal and semi-formal Ukrainian greetings:

Доброго ранку! [Dobroho ranku] - Good morning!

Добрий день! [Dobriy den`] - Good afternoon!

Добрий вечір! [Dobriy vechir] - Good evening!

Вітаю! [Vitaju] - Greetings!

The most common informal Ukrainian greetings:

Добриранок! [Dobrіranok] - Good morning!

Добридень! [Dobrіden`] - Good afternoon!

Добривечір! [Dobrіvechir] - Good evening!

Привіт! [Prіvit] - Hi! Хай! [Hai] - Hi!

Can you guess what Ukrainians say at the end of conversations? Добрий день [Dobriy den`] or Гарного дня [Garnogo dnya]? During the lessons, we study short dialogues that begin with various greetings. Would you like to start learning Ukrainian as soon as possible? Contact us for further details.

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