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Ukrainian School "New Life"

Ukrainian lessons online have never been as captivating and effective as the Ukrainian lessons with our online Ukrainian tutors. Here you will find motivating Ukrainian lessons tailored to your needs. We will help you to switch from Russian into Ukrainian fast. Or you can learn Ukrainian from zero.

About us

Language School "New Life" is based in Odesa, Ukraine and has been given services in teaching Russian and Ukrainian to English speakers since 2011. 

As a result of our work we have found the easiest way to teach Ukrainian grammar wich has so many word forms and is very difficult to learn especially for English native speakers.

We are proud when our students feel the result from the very first lessons. They feel successful in learning Ukrainian which motivates them to continue learning. 



Our online Ukrainian lessons are easy to understand and keep students’ attention. 

To make learning Ukrainian online more effective

  • We avoid using grammar terms.

  • The amount of information is just appropriate for the students' level and is not overwhelming.

  • The students learn things necessary for them and everyday life which makes the process of learning more interesting and motivating.

  • The Ukrainian lessons online are tailored for the students' personal needs.


Language student Tony

Tony Webber

I had a very encouraging teacher Anna. The school has developed a set of introductory materials to make learning less daunting. I've tried to learn before but I used to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information. At this school the information is broken down into small chunks, which makes learning much more enjoyable. 

Language student Skip

Skip Davis

 I honestly have never had language instructors who were so adept at "tapping into" their students' minds. They really understand where your learning gaps are and tailor the instruction so perfectly to maximize your potential to get real results.

Language student Nir

Nir Zander

Anna is an amazing teacher, she realizes when I'm tired of the grammar and goes straight to the  method that works on the subconscious. Telling a story which I put together according to my needs, then translating it and sending it to me by email - so I listen to the story and learn the words I need for my business .. Really the best teacher I've ever had. If she was able to teach someone like me who started reading in third grade then that means everything ..

Our Team

All our Ukrainian teachers are really dedicated and do their best to help students reach their goals.

Ukrainian tutors.jpg

Anna Nadtochiy

Ukrainian teacher for English speaking students

The course author


Marina Lukyanenko

Ukrainian teacher for English and German speaking students

Best Ukrainian teacher Alina.jpg

Alina Torovets

Ukrainian teacher for English speaking students


Natalie Avramenko

Ukrainian teacher for English speaking students


Inna Galkun

Ukrainian teacher for German and Polish speaking students

Оля Черниенко.jpg

Olga Cherniyenko

Ukrainian teacher for English speaking students

How to start lessons with our school

1. Complete the form.

2. The teacher will contact you and you will arrange the time for your first trial lesson.

3. At your first meeting the teacher will give you a 30-minute lesson and you will agree on your schedule and lessons time. 

4. Choose the pricing plan that suits you the best and pay.

5. Continue your lessons with your teacher.

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