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Best books for learning and teaching Ukrainian

Try out our easy to use Conversational Ukrainian course
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Conversational Ukrainian 1
Introductory Course

Audio, phonetic script, easy to understand explanations, a lot of pictures give good chances to learn Ukrainian fast and successfully. Click on the picture and get free acess to the course. The paperback is available on Amazon.

Conversational Ukrainian 2 Basic Course

In the following Ukrainian Course Book new grammatical and lexical material is given through "stories". "Stories" are small texts that gradually get more complex. They make remembering new words and grammar structures much easier. Apart from the stories the book contains clear grammar tables and drilling exercises. Audio is available for all the exercises. Click on the picture and get acess to the half of the course. The whole course is available on Amazon in electronic version as well as in a paperback.

Conversational Ukrainian 2.jpg
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