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The mysterious number 40 (sorok - сорок) in Ukrainian

Read to the end of the article to get a bonus about how to learn words effectively.

All the languages in the world have exceptions. So has Ukrainian. But today it`s more about what stands behind words. Numbers in Ukrainian follow their curtain formation rules. That`s why while you`re learning them you might wonder why 40 isn`t чотирдцять or чотирдесят.

And this is why 40 (сорок - sorok) got its name. This numbers doesn`t have a profound etymology. The most common version: 40 (sorok) comes from the word ‘sorok’ – ‘bag’, ‘cloth’, in which the skins of fur-bearing animals were wrapped. The word ‘sorochka’ comes from the same root. Odin sorok - a bag with four dozen skins, which were used to sew one fur coat.

The end.

You might be surprised if I tell you that learning words by heart is not the only effective way. Sometimes talking about where words are originated, especially if they have an interesting story, help you learn them. How? This process includes our emotions and experience which combine with the new information. Haven`t tried this method? I highly recommend it! In our lessons, we study numbers talking about prices and saying phone numbers.

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