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English words in Ukrainian

Have you started learning Ukrainian recently or are you going to do this soon? Today you`re going to see that you already know some Ukrainian words. How is it possible? Because you can hear a lot of English words in daily conversations. Can`t wait to find out them? Let`s dive into it!

1) Probably some of our readers learn Ukrainian with a тьютор. тьютор [t`ijutor] - tutor

2) In today's fast-paced digital world, having the right скіли is crucial to meet дедлайни and stay productive.

дедлайн[dedlain] - deadline

3) Here's a лайфхак: capture memorable moments.

лайфхак [laifhak] - lifehack

4) Гаджети have become essential in our lives, helping manage our акаунти and navigate the online world.

акаунт [akaunt] - account

5) Getting лайків and фідбек is great, but don't let хейтерам bring you down.

лайк [laik] - like

хейтер [heiter] - hater

6) She quickly snapped a селфі with her friends.

селфі [selfii] - selfie

7) Please make a скріншот and send it to me.

скріншот [scrinshot] - screenshot

Of course, words must be declined according to cases in Ukrainian.

Some words can be replaced with Ukrainian equivalents, so experiment and do not overload your speech with foreign words.

Will you guess how to translate them into English?

- скролити;

- мастрід;

- пост.

Would you like to start learning Ukrainian as soon as possible? Contact us for further details.

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