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Embroidered shirt or vyshyvanka (Вишиванка)

If you google the Ukrainian traditonal costume, you`ll see beautiful shirts with various colourful ornaments.

Vyshyvankas vary from region to region. Traditionally, a vyshyvanka is white or black. The white ones are the most popular. This colour (white - білий / b`eeliy) brings good health to its owner, improves his mental state, and gives good luck.

Black vyshyvankas were more popular among soldiers, poor and elderly people. Some people still associate the color black (чорний / ch`orniy) with sadness and even with death. But this is not the case at all. In fact, it is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge and wealth. The father handed over the black shirt to his son in order to pass on his experience and accumulated knowledge, which the black fabric of the embroidered shirt had absorbed.

These days both colours are quite trendy. You can see more and more people wearing vyshyvankas for different reasons and places (for work, studying or going for a walk.) On the third Thursday of May Vyshyvanka day is celebrated in 60 countries around the world, all countries where Ukrainian people live.

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