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Do you have to leave tips in Ukraine?

Read to the end to find out some Ukrainian phrases to use in a cafe. 

You had a nice lunch in a cafe or restaurant, you liked the service, but what next? Is it necessary to leave a tip in Ukraine? In fact, everything is very simple. First, it is customary to leave a 10% tip from the amount of the bill. Secondly, it happens that the institution has already included this amount in the check. Third, if you didn't like the service, I think you can leave as much as you want or none. No one has the right to force you to do this.

How to say in Ukrainian ...

Чайові [chayov'ee] - tips 

Можна рахунок, будь ласка? [Mozhna rahunok, bud' laska?] - Can I have the bill/check, please? 

На жаль, нам не сподобалось обслуговування. [Na zhali, nam ne spo'dobalos obslu'govuvania] - Unfortunately, we are not satisfied with the service. 

На жаль, нам не сподобалась ця страва. [Na zhali, nam ne spo'dobalas tsia strava] - Unfortunately, we are not satisfied with the dish. 

Дуже дякую! [Duzhe d'akuyu!] - Thank you a lot!

Do you leave a tip? Have you had any difficulties? Let us know!

And If you would you like to practise conversations in a cafe in our Ukrainian classes, leave your comment in the comment section below or contact us for further details. 

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