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Colours. The meaning of the colours in the Ukrainian flag.

These days you`ve come across the Ukrainian flag a lot, but do you know the meaning of its colours?

First of all, the Ukrainian flag combines blue and yellow colours. 1) Colour / color – колір /kolir/ 2) Blue – синій /'sineey/ 3) Yellow – жовтий /'jovtiy/

Синій колір (blue colour) represents the sky and жовтий колір represents a field of wheat.

These are some basic colours in Ukrainian:

1) red – червоний /cher'voniy/

2) green – зелений /ze'leniy/

3) white – білий /'beeliy/

4) black - чорний /'chorniy/

What do the colours of your flag mean? Який ваш улюблений колір? What`s your favourite color? Start your answer about your favourite colour like that: Мій улюблений колір _______ (say the colour). /Meey uliubleniy kolir/.

In our lessons you`ll practise your first colours ordering black or green tea in a café.

Would you like to start learning Ukrainian as soon as possible? Contact us for further details.

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