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У мене є кіт та кішка. I have a cat and a cat.

In Ukrainian animals have gender. Kit is masculine and kishka is femenine.

But why cats?

We are pretty sure you`ve heard of Odesa, one of the most popular cities in Ukraine. Odesa is very beautiful, even though a lot of buildings require reconstruction. Walking down the street, you will bump into a lot of stray dogs and CATS. Cats are an alive attraction in Odesa. Cats are everywhere, they are sweet and would be happy if you feed them and simply pet. Not all people love animals, unfortunately, yet still a lot of people make feeding bowls and even build houses for cats.

A long time ago there were loads of rats in the city, that`s why cats were weapons against them. The situation has changed since then, but our sweet кішки та коти continue living in Odesa.

А: Ви любите котів? /Vi 'liubite ko'teev?/ Do you like cats? В: Так, я люблю котів. / Tak, ya liub'liu ko'teev/ Yes, I like cats.

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