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Free Ukrainian Lessons Online

Teach yourself Ukrainian with our easy to learn, motivating Ukrainian video course for beginners. 

The course is easy to learn and is not overwhelming. You will cope with the tasks and feel that you are moving ahead. The course gives a good start in learning Ukrainian.

After this course you will be able to read Ukrainian, introduce yourself, have a simple conversation at an informal occasion like a party. You will be able to invite somebody out, order a meal in a café, buy something in a shop. You will know all the numbers and get familiar with Ukrainian currency. The book includes such topics as “Meeting People”, “At a Souvenir Shop”, “At a Café”, “Free time”. You will get general understanding how Ukrainian grammar works. After finishing this level you will be able to survive in a Ukrainian speaking environment.

The best Ukrainian school
Ukrainian lessons online

A lot of different people need to learn Ukrainian. Ukrainian is needed for students who come to Ukraine to study at Ukrainian universities. It is needed by volunteers who come to Ukraine to help from different charity organizations. Some people just want to come to Ukraine to live, others have Ukrainian ancestors and want to get closer to the Ukrainian culture. Unfortunately Ukrainian is a difficult language to learn and there are not so many good Ukrainian courses which would be easy to understand and motivating. As a rule, learning Ukrainian reading and grammar gets overwhelming and kills the desire to move on. But you have free access to our easy to understand and motivating Ukrainian video course for beginners.

The course is ideal for overcoming first difficulties in learning Ukrainian. If you are going to come to Ukraine to study at a university or to work, we highly recommend to do this course first.

In case you find it difficult to learn on your own, order a package of lessons with one of our professional Ukrainian teachers.

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